Cantonal business development

Switzerland is divided geographically and politically into 26 cantons. Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) works closely with the cantonal economic development agencies under its mandates for location promotion and export promotion.

Various cantonal flags
Various cantonal flags

After S-GE has held an initial consultation session with interested companies with regard to Switzerland as a business location, the 26 cantons then come into play for the choice of location. Each Swiss canton carries out its own business development with specialists for the respective economic areas. These specialists submit concrete location proposals to potential investors and guide them through the ongoing location process. After successful completion of an investment project, the economic development agencies continue to look after the investors through customer service.

As part of its export promotion activities, S-GE organizes information events together with various cantons, for example as part of the Export Dialog series. In addition, S-GE may organize delegation trips for some cantons on behalf of their internationally active or interested companies.


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