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Code of Conduct

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) has been successfully working on behalf of the Swiss economy all over the world for more than 85 years. As an institution with a federal mandate, S-GE operates between the conflicting priorities of economic, political and diplomatic interests.

Code of Conduct

Given this backdrop, it is all the more important that external behavioural guidelines and internal rules of conduct are strictly observed. In addition, business partners, clients and members of Switzerland Global Enterprise must be able to rely on S-GE treating the information entrusted to it in confidence and handling it appropriately.

S-GE stands for global entrepreneurship. With its partners in Switzerland and its Swiss Business Hubs abroad, and its working relationships with the Swiss embassies and chambers of commerce all over the world, S-GE boasts a unique network of contacts. It is important to cultivate the confidence of this network. S-GE therefore has to treat the representatives of its network with respect and appreciation.

In drawing up its Code of Conduct S-GE is stipulating the standards of conduct which employees have to comply with in their business dealings with the various target groups and stakeholders. S-GE’s core values are to be adopted and put into practice, in an exemplary manner, in our daily business dealings:

Inspiring – Engaging – Go-Getting

This fundamental attitude is described and explained in more detail in the Code of Conduct. S-GE is therefore clarifying both its business practices and the rules of conduct which the company and its employees must observe.


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