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Alentis Therapeutics AG

Alentis, a biotech-start-up, is discovering and developing first-in-class medications to treat advanced liver diseases such as fatty liver, fibrosis, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, which have high unmet medical needs. Alentis lead project is a mAb targeting a novel MoA, called Claudin-1, that is central in advanced liver fibrosis and that may reverse the course of disease progression. In addition there is a suggested role of Claudin-1 in liver cancer. Alentis is expanding its pipeline using its proprietary discovery platform that enables the identification of novel targets and biomarkers as well as revealing new drug candidates.

Alentis Therapeutics AG

Gewerbestrasse 24
4123 Allschwil

Bio Technology (Biotech)
Life Science
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