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Swiss Post is a public limited company with special legal status owned by the Swiss Confederation. Swiss Post has 62,000 employees and operates in four markets: communication, logistics, retail finance and public passenger transport. It offers customers a uniquely powerful and extensive network with 1,662 post offices, 569 agencies and 1,269 home delivery services in Switzerland. 

Customers have access to over 700 PickPost points where they can pick up mail and parcels even outside normal opening hours. Many of Swiss Post’s customers operate worldwide. For them and other internationally active companies, we also offer our services abroad. By doing so, we can help Swiss companies worldwide to achieve success as global players.

Swiss Post offers services for the worldwide shipment of transactional mail, marketing mail, press products and goods (e-commerce) that are specially geared to your needs. We also provide consulting services and customer-focused all-in solutions, ensuring that you stay close to your customers even when they are based far away.

Swiss Post offers you a full range of services incorporating the entire e-commerce value chain. From the conception and marketing of online shops for specific target groups to innovative payment models, from storage and delivery to customer service, take your pick from our individual services or go for a complete package. Swiss Post is also the right partner if you want to capitalize on the strong growth in international e-commerce. We support your cross-border e-commerce plans from preparation and marketing through to logistics and distribution.

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