We are a team of enthusiasts in Switzerland and Ghana. HPW AG is based in Switzerland and is the Mother Company of HPW Fresh & Dry Ltd. in Ghana. HPW Fresh & Dry Ltd. is the largest employer in the rural Adeiso region in Ghana. We process 20 000 tons of fresh fruit and export 1600 tons of dried fruit yearly. Thanks to professional fruit sourcing in West Africa we can offer our customers high availability of all our products throughout the year. 1400 small farmers and 1000 production workers profit from our relationship, our technical support and continuing education programs. HPW Fresh & Dry produces ecologically – using all fruit waste and solar panels for energy production. All production water comes from our own recourses and purified waste water. The Swiss company HPW AG develops niche products for Swiss and European retailers in Africa, Thailand and Central America.


Pulverhausweg 12
5033 Buchs AG

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