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The new formation of a district

The new formation of a district

The Papieri-Areal stretches across 277'000 m2 of industrial area and was used during 150 years for paper production. Therefore it is well established as an industrial location and known as a significant development area. The area is ideally located along the highways A1 and A5 in between the metropolitan areas of Zürich, Basel and Bassin Lémanique.

Within the established industry of Solothurn the Papieri-Areal profits from its connection to numerous businesses and research institutions as well as a pool of specialists. There is a longstanding tradition of the precision and machine construction industry in the economic area of Solothurn.

Realisation in several stages

Long-term, HIAG Immobilien, in its function as owner and developer, aims at a mixed clientele and the external opening of the area. In 2015 we presented the approved master plan that foresees the transformation from mono-use into a lively multifunctional and publicly used quarter for its diverse occupants. Apart from its main use for business and industry we plan areas where work, culture, art, living and leisure can be combined. The opening of the various sectors will take place in several stages.

Even today life is buzzing in the former paper production area. Spaces are rented continuously and since the closing of the plant approximately 100 places of work have been newly established.

Infrastructure and "green belt" as a backbone

Through the development of the area we aim to increase the quality of the outdoor environment. The existing boulevard serves as the central green lifeline. Additional free spaces and apertures across the historically grown industrial halls will allow the independent functioning of the new industrial cluster and building sites. The vintage buildings along the canal could accommodate gastronomy and shops.

Today there already are plots for new developments. We offer rental spaces from 1000 m2 in the existing buildings. New constructions from 5000 m2 or more floor space can be realised as of now. A high-capacity infrastructure with fresh and underground water, 50 kV electricity connection, gas, steam and compressed air offers an optimal bases for producing and innovative enterprises. By the end of 2018 we shall provide a data centre in combination with a specially developed high performing private network. Our digital infrastructure will offer data transfer and cloud solutions.


The new formation of a district

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