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Swiss Post’s international services provide access to every private letter box in the world for deliveries of goods and documents – easily, securely and in line with customer requirements. It doesn’t matter how big or heavy the consignment is, whether it’s a letter or parcel, or which customs clearance solution you want to use, Swiss Post has the optimum mailing and logistics solution for every set-up to ensure that your online shop receives the best possible customer reviews.

Switzerland: an appealing market with purchasing power
The triumph of cross-border e-commerce presents major challenges for many importers and exporters. Country-specific, regulatory and cultural barriers impede business activities. Swiss Post offers an international full-service package along the entire logistics value chain for exports into and out of Switzerland. From pre-collection to returns management: we help to ensure that your goods and documents arrive securely in the target country and, if required, that they are returned safe and sound. To enable your exports to succeed, we have put together a checklist for you.

Our mission 
Making it as easy as possible for the rest of the world to gain access to Swiss customers and connecting Switzerland to international customers with ease: that’s Swiss Post’s mission. As a leading logistics service provider in Switzerland with robust international partner networks, we guarantee cross-border deliveries of documents and goods from a single source. 

Benefits for customers
Straightforward border crossing and simple customs clearance solutions. Swiss Post ensures that documents and goods entering and leaving Switzerland can be dispatched, cleared through customs, received and returned safely, reliably, quickly and confidentially, in a way that is tailored to customers’ needs. And all of this is geared to your own personal use case.
Swiss Post’s experienced cross-border experts will be happy to help you achieve international success. 

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