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Despite slower-than-expected economic growth, China remains the primary driver of the global economy. For anyone who wants to try their hand at international trade these days, China is unavoidable.

Harbor cranes in China
Harbor cranes in China

Swiss companies enjoy significant benefits when trading with China, even over competitors from the EU. This is thanks to a free trade deal that offers valuable customs advantages and optimized legal and planning certainty.

Nevertheless, business life in China follows different rules than in Switzerland. To ensure successful transactions in China, the manager must always be responsible for maintaining business connections. So-called Guanxi, that is to say the development and maintenance of a good relationship, is vital to the success of an export endeavor.
China is an interesting market for Swiss SMEs from every industry. The important thing is to individually determine for each company the extent to which the market can be addressed successfully. The Swiss Business Hub China can provide support in doing so.

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