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Iran must be one of the most exciting export markets of the decade. After the lifting of the sanctions against the Islamic Republic, a market of 80 million people is now once again open to global trade. 

View of a street in Tehran with the Azadi Tower in the background

The well-educated and relatively wealthy Iranians want to spend their money. There is particular demand for consumer goods as well as automotive and medical technology.

Payment transactions remain a major problem in trade with Iran. Even though the Republic has rejoined the SWIFT international payment system, certain banks have continued to avoid transactions involving Iran. No standard solution has yet been found for secure payments, but Swiss companies active in Iran have found ways to successfully conclude business transactions.

Swiss companies wishing to do business in Iran should consider that around half of all Iranians are less than 30 years old. Their products and services should therefore be offered and marketed in a correspondingly young and innovative manner.

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