Türkiye Country Information

Türkiye’s economy is an exciting mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern industries, increasingly dominated by the latter. This country has a strong and rapidly growing private sector, but the state still plays a major role in various industries as banking, transport, construction and defense. Türkiye with its 82 million inhabitants and its key geographic location between Europe and Asia belongs to one of the most central export hubs in Europe. Due to Türkiye’s close relationship with the African and Arab countries, for Swiss SMEs, activities in Türkiye can be a valuable path to the Middle East and Africa.

Together with the Swiss Economic Institute at the ETH Zurich, S-GE has created a ranking of the top export markets. It shows which markets are particularly attractive for Swiss SMEs.

Despite the current political unrest in Türkiye, an increasing number of households are joining the middle and upper class, with a corresponding increase in spending throughout the country. The demand for niche and higher quality products as well as services grows. This changing demand is not limited to consumer goods, but also includes innovative and competitive technologies pursued by Turkish companies. The growing demand for high-quality import products increases their need to improve their efficiency in their production.

The following industries are particularly interesting:

  • MEM
  • ICT
  • Construction
  • food
  • healthcare
  • biotechnology products
  • pharma
  • renewable energies
  • infrastructure and transport
  • medical technology
  • cleantech
  • luxury



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