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Energy Transportation and Storage

Intelligent network management is asked.

Energy Transportation and Storage

Swiss Cleantech businesses have expertise in the following areas:

  • Smart grid
  • Energy storage
  • Transmission and distribution of energy
  • Transmission of electricity
  • Smart metering
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Charging stations
  • Big economic potential in Smart grids

Intelligent power grids are a key requirement for being able to use increasingly decentralized production generated from wind, photovoltaic and small scale hydro-electric plants or any other individual electricity power suppliers. This decentralized energy production asks for a flexible and modular network to enable optimal integration of local electricity production and provide communication between all the players in the chain, including the end user. With the increase in energy production from renewable sources and the phasing out of nuclear power plants smart grid solutions become more and more important for the stability and reliability of the electricity network.

Smart grids - Swiss companies are the world leading suppliers

The development of smart grids is crucial to the energy industry of the future and Switzerland is playing a major role in this field because of its geographic and historic position in the centre of Europe. The Swiss electricity network is thus of vital importance in international trading. For several decades, it has acted as an international platform guaranteeing the balancing of supply and demand. Switzerland was one of the founder members of ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity), which draws together 42 transmission system operators from 34 European countries. The figures confirm Switzerland’s importance in this sector, with more than 41 lines connecting the Swiss transmission network to networks in other countries, and carrying 11 percent of all the electricity exchanged between the member countries of ENTSO-E.

A good example for a supplier in the field of energy transportation and storage products is ABB and its system DynaPeaQ®. DynaPeaQ® is a dynamic energy storage system based on Li-ion batteries combined with SVC Light®. State of the art IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) are utilized as switching devices. DynaPeaQ® enables dynamic control of active as well as reactive power in power systems, independently of each other. By control of reactive power, grid voltage and stability are maintained with high dynamic response.


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