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EU publications

The Official Publications Office of the European Communities in Luxembourg is the publishing arm of the European Union (EU). Its role is to produce and distribute EU publications using the full range of data storage media and formats available.


We make a distinction between:

  • one-off publications
  • Subscriptions
  • Free publications
  • Official EU documents

One-off publications and Subscriptions
The Publications Office offers a freely accessible EU Bookshop. An online catalogue lets you choose specific publications from a total of 4000 titles and place your order via the Internet.

In addition to one-off publications, the European Union also offers a large number of interesting subscriptions and periodicals. The relevant publications may be ordered via one of the distributors from this list and will be sent to you directly from Luxembourg. For an overview of EU subscriptions click here.

Free publications 
Customers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein can order copies (maximum of 5) of free publications direct from Luxembourg via opoce-info-info@cec.eu.int.

Single copies of free publications can now also be ordered direct from the EU Bookshop.

Please click for an overview of these publications.

Official EU documents
The European Union maintains numerous databases, most of which can be accessed via the Internet free of charge.

Official EU documents can mainly be found in the EUR-Lex database. Available since January 2005, the EUR-Lex database combines CELEX and EUR-Lex, the two databases dedicated to EC/EU law.

To make it easier for citizens to get access to EC/EU law, users of the EUR-Lex database, which is updated daily, are not required to pay any charges.

The texts stored in the database are available in the twenty official EU languages and are provided in both html and pdf formats.


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