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Through the cultural and geographic proximity is Central Europe (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) an attractive region for the Swiss exporters since it offers an easy, affordable market entry and transparent market mechanism.

Country Consulting (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary)
Consulting only via Skype / phone

Due to the increasing GDP and high consumption in the last years the Central European countries have gone thru a deep transition and developed by today the purchasing power for the high—priced and premium Swiss products.

If counted as a single nation state, Central Europe (the Visegrad 4 countries ) with Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary would be the fifth largest-economy in Europe and 12th globally.  Counting  the population the region would rank with a total of 64 million on the 4th place in Europe. Strong growth rates and constant stability provide Central Europe  an ever increasing role in the European economy. This strong growth motivates foreign companies to increase investment and consumers to bigger purchases. Central Europe is successfully setting aside its reputation for low wage and low quality standards.

The manufacturing companies located in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia invest heavily in the modernization and automatization of their machinery and equipment.  Supported by the EU funds the four countries are intensively developing their infrastructure, road and rail networks, too. Swiss SMEs have therefore great opportunities to supply  technology, machines, engineering know-how, and solutions.


Organizer Switzerland Global Enterprise
Call duration ca. 1 – 1 ½ h
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Cost of participating The basic consultation is part of the public service and is free for Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs.
Country experts

Katalin Dreher-Hajnal, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Senior Consultant Central Eastern Europe


JuneRenata Puszkiel, Trade Officer, Swiss Business Hub, Central Europe

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