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Country Consulting Spain

Spain has 46.4 million inhabitants and is the fifth largest economy in the EU. The crisis has been over for two years and Spain has again seen robust economic growth. One of the main drivers was and is the tourism industry. Investments are generally made in all sectors. And there is a lot of catching up to do.

Country Consulting Spain
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Even the construction sector has picked up speed again. In addition to the traditional sectors such as mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals / chemistry, food, textiles or medtech, two sectors in particular have grown: ICT and smart cities. Many impulses are set in the digital business, there is also a large number of innovative SmartCities (e.g. Barcelona) and leading international trade fairs on the topic. Environmental technology also offers a lot of potential: above all thanks to strong investments in municipal waste management, air pollution control and - above all on the part of the private sector - in improving efficiency. Spain also has a relatively high rate of young university graduates, which also has a lot of potential.


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Cost of participating The basic consulting is part of the public service and is free of charge for Swiss and SME from Liechtenstein.
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Beat Kuster, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Senior Consultant Southern Europe + Benelux


Mr Guillem Vals García, Senior Trade Officer, Swiss Business Hub Spain

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