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Export consulting Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary)

If Central Eastern Europe, with Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, was counted as a single nation state it would be the fifth largest economy in Europe and the twelfth largest worldwide.


Exportberatung Mittelosteuropa (Polen, Tschechien, Slowakei & Ungarn)

In terms of population, the region would rank 4th in Europe with a total of 64 million. Strong growth rates and stability give Central Europe an increasingly important role in the European economy. As a gateway to Eastern Europe, Austria is an interesting strategic pivot for opening up further European markets. 

With increasing GDP, rising wages and high consumption, Central European countries have undergone a profound transformation and gained purchasing power for high-price, high-quality Swiss products.

Central European countries are investing heavily in the modernisation and automation of their machinery and equipment. With the support of EU funds, the four countries are at the same time expanding their infrastructure, road and rail networks. Therefore, Swiss SMEs are presented with great opportunities to provide technology, machinery, technical know-how and solutions.


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Cost of participating The basic advisory service is part of the public service and is free of charge for Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs.

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