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Export Consulting Kazakhstan and Nordics

The economic outlook for foreign investors is good in Kazakhstan. With 18 million inhabitants, the market offers opportunities for Swiss businesses, with state investment programs also available (e.g. Nurly Zhol). The political and legal environment in Kazakhstan is investment-friendly. 

With a total population of almost 30 million inhabitants and an average GDP of USD 58,000 per person, these “early-adopting” Nordic countries are showing a steady annual growth of 2%.

Export Consulting Kazakhstan and Nordics

The Kazakh market is interesting as the Eurasian Union ensures simplified access to additional markets. The country also borders the growing market of Uzbekistan, and the Kazakh market’s good connections to neighboring China makes establishing a presence in Kazakhstan an attractive opportunity. Kazakhstan is looking to diversify its economy, which has previously been heavily focused on raw material exports. In addition to the traditional branches of business, Kazakhstan is becoming a hotbed for digitalization, e-commerce and renewable energy.

A relatively high purchasing power, quality awareness and a fundamental business mentality for long-term relationships are all great starting points for the Nordic markets. With a stand-out business start-up ecosystem, these markets excel in the areas of gaming and AI, advanced manufacturing, robotics and heath tech in particular.

We provide consultation on how to carry out your international project and explore the related risks and cultural challenges, helping to create a basis for decision-making for your export plans.


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