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Export consulting South America: Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay / Paraguay

South America is a very diverse and dynamic region but with one point in common: these markets demand technology and innovation.

Country consulting South America: Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay / Paraguay

Brazil: The South American giant is a key market in the region. With a population of 210 million, the country is among the 10 largest economies in the world and is rich in natural resources, needing sustainable solutions to promote its development. Not only the notorious advanced agricultural sector, but also a diversified industry eager for innovative solutions sets the tone for the Swiss. Despite the ups and downs of its cyclical economy, the country has numerous opportunities in sectors such as life sciences, agricultural industry, cleantech and infrastructure. 

Chile: Chile is an attractive market for Swiss SMEs and an ideal pilot country and hub in Latin America. Compared to other Latin countries, it offers political and economic stability, legal certainty and a business friendly environment. The relation to Switzerland is well established with a Free Trade Agreement (EFTA), a double tax treaty and investment protection agreement, having already attracted numerous Swiss companies.
Especially Cleantech companies and innovative SMEs of other sectors like Life Sciences have great opportunities in Chile.

Argentina: Argentina is the third largest economic power in Latin America (after Brazil and Mexico). The country has a traditional export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base. Despite the turbulences in recent years, high-tech and innovation are still required for the traditional Argentine industry, main opportunities are in the agriculture sector, food industry, and medtech. 

Uruguay / Paraguay: Although smaller markets, Uruguay and Paraguay can be of interest from Swiss SMEs. Both countries are part of the Mercosur and well-integrated into the region. Uruguay, in special, showcases good experiences as a reginal logistic hub and is an interesting alternative for companies trying to increase efficiency in the region. 

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