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•    SPAIN, the fifth largest economy in the EU with 46.4 million inhabitants, is once again experiencing robust economic growth. The main driver is the tourism industry. Generally, investments are being made in all sectors. And there is a great deal catching up to do.
•    With a population of around 10 million, PORTUGAL is a manageable market, which is appreciated a great deal by Swiss companies. The economy appears to be stable with slight growth in all sectors. And tourism in particular keeps breaking new growth records.
•    The NETHERLANDS is experiencing robust growth with a population of 17 million. Around 60% of GDP is generated by the service sector followed by the industrial sector with about 25%.
•    BELGIUM with its 11.26 million inhabitants is often selected as a test market for new products. Important economic sectors are transport and logistics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food, aerospace, biotechnology and ICT.

In Portugal, the ICT sector is showing good growth. Portugal has a high rate of university graduates. Modern companies enjoy high productivity due to low labor costs and continuous efficiency improvements. And last but not least, Portugal is a good bridgehead to Africa and Latin America.

In addition to the traditional sectors in Spain, such as mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals/chemicals, food, textiles and medtech, two sectors in particular have been able to make gains: ICT and Smart Cities. Environmental technology also offers a lot of potential thanks to strong investments in municipal waste management, air pollution control and efficiency improvements.

The Netherlands is one of the top 5 exporting nations in the world and, with its port and airport, is one of the most important logistics hubs, which is supported by an outstanding ICT infrastructure. Major industries include life sciences and health (no. 10 in the world), agrifood (second largest exporter in the world), ICT, chemicals, the creative sector, energy and aerospace.

Foreign trade remains an important economic driver for the Belgian economy. Belgium's most important trading partners are the European countries, which together account for 70% of foreign trade. Belgium is also an open economy thanks to its function as a logistics hub (the port of Antwerp is the second largest in Europe), and it offers access to more than 500 million consumers within a radius of 800 km.


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