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Türkiye is the gateway to the Middle East. The bridge between Europe and Asia. Above all, however, it is also a strongly growing sales market with a growing demand for quality products.

Istanbul Bridge

The fast-growing middle class in Türkiye is making much higher demands on products and services, generating a growing demand for high-quality imported products and, at the same time, increasing the pressure to optimize infrastructures and services in the country, which in turn is leading to a growing need for innovative technologies (machinery, IT, infrastructure, transport, medical technology).

You would also like to export to Türkiye and are still looking for detailed information? In an initial personal and free consultation session, our advisors and country experts will assess your needs for your export project and highlight various options for your target market.

We discuss the approach for your foreign project, as well as the associated risks and cultural challenges, which in turn will provide a basis for decision-making for your export project.


Organizer Switzerland Global Enterprise
Call duration ca. 1 Std.
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Cost of participating The basic consulting is part of the public service and is free of charge for Swiss and SME from Liechtenstein.

What can you expect from your consultation?

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