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Export Consulting UK / Ireland

The British market is particularly attractive for high-quality, innovative products and services with clear USPs and technological innovation.

Ireland is also an interesting market for food manufacturers, while also offering opportunities for Swiss life science and pharmaceutical companies, financial service providers and engineering firms.

Export Consulting UK / Ireland

Export opportunities in the UK lie primarily in the areas of fintech, IT security, life sciences, premium food and drinks, and digitalization, robotics and miniaturization solutions for industry.

We provide consultation on how to carry out your international project and explore the related risks and cultural challenges, helping to create a basis for decision-making for your export plans.


Organizer Switzerland Global Enterprise
Call duration ca. 1 Std.
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Cost of participating The basic consulting is part of the public service and is free of charge for Swiss and SME from Liechtenstein.

What can you expect from your consultation? Find out more in this short advisory video.


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