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The USA has given the world economy new impulse. Swiss foreign trade with the USA has been growing steadily since 2013; today the market is and will remain the second most important sales market for Swiss exporters - after Germany.

The northern neighbor Canada also benefits from this and is gaining in attractiveness and market potential for Swiss companies. Canada is a well-funded market with cultural proximity to Europe. Bilingualism and the opportunity to work the US market up close make Canada exciting for Swiss SMEs.

Country Consulting USA / Canada

With a GDP of $ 20 trillion and a population of 329 million, the United States is the largest consumer market in the world. The ties between Switzerland and the USA go even deeper, as Switzerland is the 6th largest foreign direct investor in the USA and among the top 3 for investments in research and development.

The economic framework conditions in the USA are very business-friendly, but the entry barriers are generally high. It takes a clear vision and strategy to enter the market, because the competition is considerable. It is therefore worth approaching the USA in stages, both geographically and in order to find the right market niche. Ecommerce business models are very common and work well in traditional industries as well. Amazon, Walmart and eBay set the direction and standards, and 210 million online shoppers make the US e-commerce market one of the best target countries for Swiss companies with international expansion plans. As a result, Swiss SMEs are increasingly choosing the USA as a production location from which the entire USMCA area (USA / Canada​​ / Mexico) can be served.

For Swiss SMEs, Canada is an ideal entry market in North America and a free trade partner rolled into one. The North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA was modernized with its partners Canada and Mexico; it came into force in 2020 under the name United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Industrial and agricultural standards are largely mutually recognized, which does not remove licensing formalities but makes them easier. With 38 million inhabitants, Canada's market size is more manageable than the USA, but as a Swiss provider you can take advantage of the concentration of potential customers in the south of the country (along the border with the USA) as well as in the metropolitan areas of Greater Toronto Area, Montréal and Vancouver.

Thanks to the bilingualism in the east, Canada is culturally closer to Switzerland than the USA, and the aforementioned free trade agreement reduces customs duties on exports. The Canadian market is highly diversified, which is why products, services and marketing measures must be tailored to Canadian consumers. In the area of ​​e-commerce, it is worthwhile for Swiss exporters to pursue a strategy for the entire North American market, especially in this industry synergies can be used.

We discuss the procedure of your international project, the associated risks, cultural challenges and create the basis for decision-making for your export project.


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