Fact-Finding Mission

Chilean Green Mining Delegation to Switzerland

Switzerland and its economy have become the worldwide leader in the fields of energy efficiency, air pollution control, waste management, recycling and water treatment. The driving forces behind this achievement were very innovative Swiss companies on the one hand, and the environmental law, that has been forcing the Swiss economy as well as public authorities and private households to protect the environment since the 1980ies, on the other.

Green Mining in Chile

From August 26 - August 30, we invite a delegation from the Chilean mining industry and government to a insightful and exciting fact-finding mission to Switzerland. Goal of this mission is to show the delegation the most modern solutions that Switzerland has to offer as well as to connect them with Swiss companies that provide solutions which can lead and support Chile towards green mining.

We would be happy to have you contribute to our program! Various integration options are possible to introduce your company, your projects and your products to the delegation:

  • Present your company with a short presentation at our breakfast event on August 29
  • Present your company as part of a technical excursion
  • Present your company at a dinner with the delegation

If you want to contribute to the success of this mission, we look forward to hearing from you via the form below!


Target audience Swiss companies in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency, e-mobility, air pollution control, waste management, recycling, water management, construction, landscape planning, site remediation and natural hazards protection
Organizer Switzerland Global Enterprise
Country experts

Patrick Bertschi, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Project Manager Cleantech

David Avery, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Head of Cleantech

Fabio Speciale, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Senior Consultant South America


ǀ Travel Day / Monday, 26.08.2019

All day
Departure from Chile and arrival in Switzerland

  • Flight from Santiago to Zurich (departure 00:45, arrival 22:15)
  • Airport pick-up
ǀ Day 1 / 27.08.2019

Welcome and introduction

  • Opening meeting with representatives of S-GE
  • Introduction of the Chilean delegation and Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE)
  • BFE/BFU - Energy and Environmental Policy Framework in Switzerland


  • 12:15 - 13:30
  • In Zurich, Berne or on the train (transfer: 2hrs)

Technical excursions "Energy, automatization and traceability"

CSEM (solar research) and / or traceability

Possible companies “solar”:

  • CSD Engineers
  • BG Engineers
  • Soleol
  • ABB

Possible companies “traceability”:

  • SGS
  • SQS /
  • Argor-Heräus
  • Arviem


  • 18:45 - 21:00
  • Lausanne or Neuchâtel (transfer: 2hrs)
ǀ Day 2 / 12.06.2019

All day
Technical excursions: construction and natural risk control in mountainous areas

ǀ Day 3 / 13.06.2019

Company pitching breakfast

  • Detailed presentation of the Chilean partners
  • Short pitch presentations (pitches) of innovative Swiss companies (incl. start-ups) in the fields of sustainable mining
  • Table trade fair
  • Individual B2B meetings

Technical excursions: Energy, automatization and traceability

ǀ Day 4 / 14.06.2019 (into 15.06.2019)

Final meetings and farewell lunch

  • Discussion of next steps
  • Farewell lunch


  • Flight from Zurich to Santiago (departure 18:40, arrival in Santiago 08:45)


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