Fact-Finding Mission
Performance Engineering Mission 2022

Performance Engineering Mission 2022

UK Motorsports Valley® and RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium

A dynamic one-day fact-finding mission to the UK’s mecca of motorsport and performance engineering, aiming at generating business opportunities and fostering R&D collaborations for Swiss high-tech companies in the UK.

Two market routes will be tackled:

  • Opportunities within the performance engineering and motorsport industry, notably Formula One
  • R&D collaborations in view of diversification with counterparts in the UK

Motorsport and Formula One in particular is the domain where the most outstanding Performance Engineering capabilities are displayed. As such, it can safely be described as the epitome of technology and excellence, both in the UK and in Switzerland.

Even if Formula One and its supply chain offer concrete market opportunities and an arena for exceptional R&D projects, entering the sector is certainly not an easy task. It is vertically integrated and requires absolute reactivity and reliability. Technical excellence is not sufficient; partnerships are key for potential new entrants to build trust within teams and their collaborators.

Secondly, the companies supplying Formula One hold IP that could possibly be transferred to other industries – aeronautics, defence, luxury automotive or medtech and healthcare. New markets with higher volume potential can successfully be addressed to reduce dependency on the motorsports sector. For this, partnerships are equally crucial.

Finally, the major Formula One teams have thrivingly spun off engineering branches that take on ad-hoc projects for external clients, successfully applying F1 efficient design and fabrication methodologies. These engineering branches are eager to integrate exceptional technologies.

Based on detailed market consultations carried out in the past three years and evidential market confirmations emphasized by completing three successful Performance Engineering missions (2018 UK, 2019 Switzerland and 2019 UK), Switzerland Global Enterprise and the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK have identified promising business opportunities for Swiss firms in the following four domains:

  • Synthethic Fuels = eFuels
  • Light- weight structures: Sustainable composites, processes including additive manufacturing
  • Electrification: batteries and ultra-fast chargers, heat management and recovery, assembly of cells etc.
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles: vision, radar, lidar, artificial intelligence, real-time decision-making, predictive maintenance, digital twin and cutting edge simulation and sensors

This fact-finding mission aims at accelerating business, through:

  • One-to-one business meetings with potential partners
  • Site visits to OEM and/or Tier 1 suppliers
  • High-level networking with potential business partners, investors and peers
  • Benchmarking


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Organizer S-GE, SBH UK/Ireland
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Registration deadline
Target group

Target group

Companies working within the motorsports sector looking at exploring new markets and partnerships
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief R&D Officer, Head of Business Development willing to exchange views with industry leaders and to discuss products/concepts in their innovation pipeline

Companies with technologies which are already or could be applied in one or more of the domains mentioned above

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief R&D Officer, Head of Business Development willing to expand to new markets, geographically or functionally

Organisations with a concept that could be successfully brought to market through collaborations with a world leading engineering company

Project leader and IP owners (this does not require a company to be formally registered)


Programme │30th Nov – 2nd Dec 2022

Day 1 │Wednesday, 30th November

Oracle RedBull Racing │ National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) Racing (TBC)

Welcome and briefing
Overview of the Motorsports Valley®: 
-    Structure of the ecosystem 
-    Main players 
-    Challenges and growth drivers

Diversification initiatives: 
-    Snapshot into the market potentials
-    State-of-the-art and future initiatives

Site visit 1 to Oracle RedBull Racing (TBC)
Exchanges with Oracle RedBull Racing about future developments
Exploring potential collaboration for co-development of next generation solution

Networking lunch in the Motorsports Valley®
One-to-one business exchanges with potential business partners and peers

Site visit 2 to the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) (TBC)
Exchanges with Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover about their involvement in the NAIC
Discussion of topics for future automotive developments such as synthetic fules (or eFuels), electrification, connected and autonomous vehicles and others, with relevant professors

Exclusive dinner with VIPS at the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK
Experience and best practice sharing – How to successfully conquer the UK Market – “A Swiss perspective”
Kindly hosted by the Ambassador of Switzerland to the UK, His Excellency, Markus Leitner and World Motorsport Symposium (WMS)

OPTIONAL Day 2 │Thursday, 1st December│RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium

Attendance at RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium

The RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium, first established in 1995, has gained a reputation as the ‘Davos of Motorsport Engineering’ where key international industry figures get together under one roof to discuss the future of motorsport, engineering and technology. Chaired by Pascal Vesselon, Technical Director Toyota Motorsport GmbH, the symposium takes place in the style of a cabinet meeting with key speakers, a panel of international senior motorsport executives and an audience made up of the motorsport and automotive industry including top decision makers, suppliers and universities bringing the next generation of engineers. The proceedings are governed by ‘Chatham House’ rules generating a much more open debate like no other event. There are also over two hours of networking time between the symposium sessions which provides further opportunities for exhibitors to showcase their latest technology and services, and thus for Swiss companies to benchmark their solutions with their industry counterparts.

Detailed programme of the WMS World Motorsport Symposium will be published soon.

OPTIONAL Day 3│Friday, 2nd December│ RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium

Attendance at RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium

Detailed programme of the WMS World Motorsport Symposium will be published soon.



S-GE/Swissmem/Cleantech Alps member EXCLUDING Symposium (CHF 950.--)
S-GE/Swissmem/Cleantech Alps member WITH Symposium entry (CHF 1’500.--)
Non S-GE member EXCLUDING Symposium (CHF 1’100.--)
Non S-GE member WITH Symposium entry (CHF 1’650.--)

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Further information

All companies will be vetted by a steering committee. S-GE reserves the right to restrict access to the mission based on the steering committee’s input.

All participating companies will be required to sign an NDA before the beginning of the mission. S-GE reserves the right to amend the programme.

Registration fee to be paid into Switzerland Global Enterprise bank account within 10 days after receipt of the invoice. The company must inform S-GE on a confidential basis about contacts established and business concluded during and after the project.

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