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Tomorrow's Health: Meet the Experts on Patient Data, Empowerment & Blockchain

Join our network of experts in a discussion about patient data and its value

Different devices, insurances and healthcare providers are all collecting data from patients in order to provide a cohesive history, diagnosis and prognosis.  And the healthcare industry is moving toward a future of patient empowerment where consumers, with the help of patient engagement technology, can manage their own health and keep chronic illnesses under control. The potential to collect high quality data is huge and extremely important for the future of health. 

The healthcare industry is edging toward change, promising a future of patient empowerment where consumers, with the help of patient engagement technology, can manage their own health and keep chronic illnesses. Empowering patients is giving patients control over healthcare in ways that clinicians may not typically consider. Patients want ownership over the things that matter most to them, such as measuring and monitoring their own biometrics and having access to condition-specific information when and where they want it.

  • What will the future of patient data management look like?
  • What will be cutting edge technologies? E.g. will blockchain be a solution?
  • Which ethical questions need to be resolved?
  • Will the patient data ownership disrupt classical healthcare business models ?
  • What are the liability concerns with patientdata and artificial intelligence use in a healthcare setting?
  • What solutions are available worldwide for individual patient data management (best practice cases)?

These and many more questions are to be discussed by an exquisite group of experts. You are free to join the discussion at any time and asks. 



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The Experts

The Experts


CEO, Datametrix

Ahmed El Rhali

Ahmed El Rhali is an expert in Data Science, Clinical Trials and Biotechnology. Since 2015 he is President and CEO of datametrix AG, supporting companies in generating the information they need, for making better and faster decisions driving business and clinical benefits and results.
With extensive knowledge and experience in those fields thanks to the numerous years he spent working in senior positions (MD, VP) for large pharma organizations and CRO’s, Ahmed knows your challenges as a decision maker and knows the importance of data to help taking the best, most informed decisions, accelerate timelines and save money to a business unit and even to your organization as a whole.


Lecturer, School of Business FHNW

Galia Kondova

Economist with World Bank experience in private and financial sector structural reforms in Central Europe. Senior Lecturer at the School of Business FHNW in Basel researching and publishing in the area of digitalization (blockchain, digital finance) for economic growth and public empowerment. Latest publications on Self-Sovereign Identity, Digital Finance, DAOs, Blockchain Use Cases, Stablecoins, ICOs and STOs.

At the School of Business FHNW, Galia is a member of the Team Focus Healthcare and a research supervisor at the MSc Business Information Systems.


Director, Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics

Katrin Crameri

Katrin Crameri is heading the Personalized Health Informatics Group of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. Her team is responsible for the coordination and parts of the technical implementation of the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) – a national research infrastructure and medical informatics initiative. The main focus of Katrin’s work is on making routine data from the healthcare system usable and sharable for research purposes, adhering to the FAIR principles, with a strong focus on data interoperability. In addition and as integral part of SPHN, she is managing the BioMedIT Network – a secure and protected IT infrastructure to provide all authorized researchers in Switzerland with easy access to collaborative analysis of confidential data without compromising data privacy. Katrin is passionate about improving the framework conditions for biomedical research in Switzerland and committed to advancing better research for better health.


Associate Director at Novartis (Scientist in Research)

Michael Rebhan

After a PhD on the biology of disease (1996, in Germany), and a postdoc in bioinformatics (at the Weizmann Institute, Israel; creating GeneCards), he joined industry as a data scientist in AstraZeneca during the early days of omics and ‘big data’ technology, working on global projects in R&D (Boston, USA, 1998-2000). After an exciting time in a biomedical data science startup in Germany (2000-2002), he helped to build up biomedical ‘big data’ capabilities in Singapore, in a government institute under A*STAR (2002-2004, Biopolis). 2004 he moved to Basel, Switzerland, to join Novartis as a scientist in research, initially on early discovery, omics technologies, data to value and translation. His focus is on understanding the real world complexity of disease, patient journeys, and build a more digital Precision Medicine (beyond Oncology). Currently he is working on digital solutions for early stages of kidney diseases, co-creating innovation ecosystems around predictive models that would combine signals from the patient history (EHR data) and molecular biomarkers. He is interested in many areas of AI, their maturation towards impact in health, and how they can better connect with the science that enables biomedical innovation.


CEO, Virdis Group

Nathalie Rowell

Nathalie brings over 18 years of experience and credibility in hiring international talent for the life science industry. She continues to advise senior executives in many different cultures on how to shape their careers and their organizations. A solid track record of international success has given Nathalie a deep understanding of the life-sciences and a strong empathy with clients. Her extensive industry knowledge and specialist insight is valued highly, enabling Virdis clients to benchmark realistically, evaluate carefully, and find exactly the right individuals to lead and develop their organisations.

Nathalie created Virdis in 2007 and, since then, has built both a strong team and a broad network of skilled people around the world. Her understanding of life science organisations and her extensive experience make her a credible and well-recognized recruitment partner.
Nathalie read Law at Paris Assas University and worked as lawyer in the field of intellectual property before becoming an entrepreneur and moving to international executive search.


General Counsel, SDX

Nathan Kaiser

Nathan Kaiser joined SDX in October 2020 as General Counsel. He is a lawyer by conviction, specializing in digital economy from Fintech to AI, with most of his practice in Asia, between Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei. Prior to spending two decades in Asia, he had worked in Zurich, Lausanne, and Paris, gaining his experience at UBS and Swiss Re. He was founding partner of Eiger and Junior Partner at Wenger & Vieli. He is an advisor and angel investor to various start-ups worldwide, with a focus on technology that promises to make the world just a bit better.


Co-Founder and Manager, DayOne

Thomas Brenzikofer

Thomas Brenzikofer has been with Basel Area Business & Innovation since 2016 and co-founded DayOne in 2017. DayOne is an initiative founded and operated by BaselArea,swiss. It's mission is to create a world leading hub for healthcare Innovation built on the strength of the Basel Region respected for its impact and collaboration across disciplines and industries with a focus on precision medicine – the convergence of diagnostics, Treatment and digital health.

Prior to that, he was Deputy CEO, Head of Communications and Manager of ICT Technology for i-net innovation networks switzerland.


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