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Tomorrow's Health: Meet the Experts on Space & Health

Join our network of experts in a discussion about space and health

Recently, space has been gaining more and more interest of both governmental bodies as well as private companies. Why? Because of our curiosity to know what is happening to the body in space and what impact the atmosphere and environment has on us physically and mentally. 

While space agencies are particularly interested in investigating how the body reacts to long-duration spaceflight as plans for extended missions on the Moon and Mars are in sight, findings on this behalf could also be of use for health related questions on earth. What exactly happens to the body in space and what are the risks? In many ways Space missions have influenced technologies on earth in the past. In this session we will discuss on what issues the astronauts are dealing with in space as well as which technologies might be changing the way we see health treatments and monitoring life functions on earth. What can we learn from space? What will the future look like? 

With dedicated experts we are discussing topics like: 

  • What are future challenges for the human body in outer space?
  • How will space technology change our future health approach?
  • What are the health challenges for the future traveling to space?
  • How is nutrition influencing humans in space?

These and many more questions are to be discussed by an exquisite group of experts. You are free to join the discussion at any time and asks. 



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The Experts

The Experts

s-ge_Chloé Carrière_EPFL

Host of The Galactic Chloé Show, EPFL

Chloé Carrière

Chloé Carrière, also known as ‘Galactic Chloé’, is a Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship student at the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. Besides her studies, she brings the science around space travel, astronomy and astrophysics to wider audiences by hosting her own show, ‘The Galactic Chloé Show’. As the creator of the student association Space@yourService, Chloé Carrière organises events, talks and lectures accessible to anyone interested in space travel and the science and technology behind it. Space@yourService is currently working on ‘Mission Asclepios’, a simulated analogue student-led space mission on another celestial body, due to take place in the summer of 2021. A similar program for 7-8 year olds is also lead by Chloé as part of an educational study she is running. Her commitment to promoting space travel and astrophysics has also led her to co-produce content on the topic for Swiss public broadcaster RTS and other media. Chloé wishes to be one of the first women to step on the Moon and to contribute to the future of space exploration.


Digital Health Business Developer, CSEM

Christophe Verjus

Project Manager, CNES/MEDES

Lucie Campagnolo

Lucie Campagnolo is project manager at MEDES, the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology. Since its creation in 1989, MEDES has been striving to maintain and help develop French competence in space medicine and physiology and to promote the application of space research in the field of health. MEDES achieves this through its work in three main sectors: support in space medicine and physiology for space exploration, clinical research, and lastly e-health and support for epidemiological monitoring. Lucie also acts as Head of Healthcare applications at the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) to promote and foster innovation between the healthcare and space industrial sectors. She participates in several Think Tanks and knowledge groups in the field of technological development in space and terrestrial medicine.
Prior to this, Lucie was payload ops engineer at CNES where she worked as an Experimental Manager to help scientists to prepare and conduct a broad range of experiments in microgravity, be it aboard the International Space Station, Airbus A300 Zero-G, or Ground Analogs.



Martin Aebi

Head of Signal Processing, CSEM

Mathieu Lemay, PhD

Mathieu Lemay received his B.Sc degree in electrical engineering from the Université Laval, Quebec city, Canada and his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2003 and 2007 respectively. He joined the Signal Processing section of CSEM during summer 2011 after 4 years of Postdoctoral positions at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland and at the Universität Bern, Bern, Switzerland. He is presently Section Head of Signal Processing and Control. During these years, he has been involved in several research and development projects, mainly oriented in biomedical field (electrocardiogram, heart rate, activity classification) including European projets (workpackage leader of the system design and embedded software for PEGASO).

s-ge_Sascha Deutsch_ESA

Downstream Gateway Business Analyst, European Space Agency (ESA)

Sascha Deutsch

Sascha Deutsch is a Business Analyst at the ESA Downstream Gateway creating links between business sectors and ESA’s portfolio of infrastructures, programmes and activities. He is identifying new emerging trends and raising awareness of the opportunities in the downstream sector for innovators, scientists and businesses to develop new solutions and setting up new partnerships. He is an economist with various experience in planning, structuring and managing innovation projects in the European private and public sector.


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