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Tomorrow's Health: Meet the Experts on Wearable and Tracking Devices

Join our network of experts in a discussion about the impact of wearable technology in healthcare

Today, wearable technology can come as a supporting MedTech device, a watch, a ring, a pair of contact lenses or  even as a tattoo. The most common wearable technology in healthcare by far for now, are fitness sensors and smart watches. These devices  track data like heart rate, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and other vital statistics, taking the pressure off the patient to complete these analyses manually.

But where will wearable technology lead us in the future regarding health?

With dedicated experts we are discussing topics like: 

  • How will the world look like in 2030-40 in regard to wearables?
  • How will implantable MedTech devices change our health?
  • What happens to data privacy when monitoring vital signs? 
  • Will home diagnostics will become the norm?
  • What will be the winning and disruptive technologies of tomorrow?
  • What will be future challenges in the wearables market?
  • How do  present experts shape the future in regard to wearables?


Organizer Switzerland Global Enterprise
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The Experts

Our Experts


CEO and Founder, The Tao of Excellence

Jasminka Roth

Proven track record in establishing and maintaining a quality system within the medical device environment (50 + audits). Longterm experience as a leader for the quality management and business excellence in multiple dynamic international companies within the manufacturing industry, where accuracy, reliability and negotiation skills are of particular importance.


Cluster Manager, Health Tech Cluster Switzerland

Patrick Duemmler

Dr. Patrick Dümmler studied economics at the University of Zurich and wrote his dissertation on the medical technology industry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He has worked in various roles within life sciences for more than ten years. For example, he acted as a management consultant for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Helbling Business Advisors, established the export-focused Medtech Switzerland platform, and headed up Hocoma’s B2C division as Chief Officer. Patrick Dümmler is now a partner at ConCeplus GmbH (CC+), where he advises life sciences companies, and a Senior Fellow at Avenir Suisse. As a cluster manager at Health Tech Cluster Swirterland, he supports the cluster with his scientific expertise and excellent knowledge of the sector.


Head of Embedded Sofrware Group, CSEM

Ricard Delgado

Ricard Delgado, Ph.D. is the Head of the Embedded Software Group driving the Digital Health activity within CSEM.

Trained as a Mathematician and an Engineer, he obtained his Ph.D. on biomedical image analysis from the EPFL within the SystemsX.ch consortium, the Swiss research initiative for the promotion of Systems Biology. Currently, he is a member of the Expert Group in Digital Health in the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services. His group focuses on wearable technology, AI applied to biomedical embedded systems, and their impact on the future of healthcare and the MedTech industry, with more than 60 scientific publications on the topic.


Head Technology Transfer. AO Foundation

Roland Herzog

Co-Founder, TWIICE

Tristan Vouga

Tristan Vouga is CEO and co-founder of TWIICE, a startup dedicated to helping humans reconnect with their community thanks to wearable robotics technology and a researcher with the Rehabilitation and assistive robotics group (REHAssist) at the Swiss Federal institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

During his PhD, he developed the technology behind TWIICE and led the team that developed the exoskeleton to win a silver medal at the cybernetics Olympic Games called Cybathlon. His research focuses on wearable robots and how modularity can help driving their performance, enhancing human-machine interaction and reducing costs.

Tristan Vouga is the recipient of multiple awards and distinction, including the Hilti Mechatronics Award and the PERL Prize.



Head of Swiss Business Hub UK + Ireland

Natalie Thomas

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