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SWISS Pavilion @ Smart City Expo World Congress 2023


The global population is expected to grow to 10B by 2050, and 70% of these people will live in cities. The future of humanity is inevitably urban, and digitization stands as an essential, unstoppable revolution to ensure future-proof cities focused on people and the environment. At the crossroads of tech and cities, there’s an opportunity for a more sustainable and inclusive world.

SWISS Pavilion @ Smart City Expo World Congress

Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona is the worldwide leading event for cities and the biggest gathering of governments and organizations committed to smart, sustainable development. It represents an excellent opportunity to connect cities, governments, companies, entrepreneurs, research centres, and institutions. At SCEWC, they can share their visions of how to drive urban transformation to a better future. It is also the best marketplace to network and do business with your solutions and products. Smart City Expo is the place to spark a powerful urban tomorrow worldwide.

There are 8 main topics that will be touched upon during this expo:

  • Enabling Technologies: IoT, AI, Cloud, digital services, 5G,…
  • Energy & Environment: climate emergency, clean energy, low-carbon tech,…
  • Mobility: Data Spaces, connected, cooperative & automated Mobility, sustainable logistics, active Mobility,…
  • Governance: regulation, collaboration, participation, cities, regions
  • Living & Inclusion: housing, refuge crisis,…
  • Economy: financing tools, economic models, future of work
  • Infrastructure & Building: Design/build tech, smart & green build environment, smart infrastructure, net zero infrastructures & buildings,…
  • Safety & Security: cybersecurity, resilience & risks, safe public space

As a major event in this field, a large number of side activities take place resulting in a highly enriched ecosystem.

Switzerland Global Enterprise, in collaboration with Swiss Business Hub Spain, will be present for the fourth time at this groundbreaking event with a Swiss Pavilion in this marketplace.

“This event brings public, private and civil society together. If you’re looking for a smart city event, this is the one you should make the time for.”



Target audience Techs around smart city and public authorities
Organizer S-GE in collaboration with Swiss Business Hub Spain
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Mobile World Congress
Av. Joan Carles I, 64
08908 Barcelona


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