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CE2 – Circular Economy Entrepreneurs

Brings together the key Swiss players from Economy, Research and Politics, shaping today the business models of tomorrow.

Sustainability begins with respect: towards people, towards our children, towards the environment. And as a responsible company, we earn the respect of our customers.

The future belongs to the circular economy, because it respects limited resources and har- nesses new business potential. Proponents of the circular economy combine profitability with a long-term perspective.

Disclaimer: The health and safety of the participants is our top priority. The conference will be held in strict compliance with the applicable regulatory guidelines. Please note that the guidelines may lead to restrictions.

CE2 – Circular Economy Entrepreneurs

Disclaimer: The health and safety of the participants are very important to us, the event will be held in strict compliance with regulatory guidelines. This may lead to restrictions.

What CE2 is for

Huge population growth, an expanding middle class in developing countries and economic growth are combining to stoke consumption and the demand for resources. For 250 years, business has based its economic model on the assumption that there is an infinite supply of natural resources. In using this linear “take, make, waste” business model, we are in effect sawing through the branch we are sitting on, i.e. we are threatening the foundation of our own livelihood, as climate change will alter everything.

Taking responsibility now

The business world has not yet become readily aware of these truths – the problem is slowly creeping up on us. This means that all of us – as human beings or entrepreneurs – bear the responsibility for protecting our environment. Where should the urgently needed changes start, if not with ourselves? When should they start, if not now?

Circular economy = managing the economy while taking the long view

With limited resources, increasing demand and profitability, the circular economy is a promising model that is fit for the future: through re-use, repair, upcycling, recycling and reworking, circular economic management optimises the use of goods while minimising resource consumption and costs. It is exactly because the problem is invisible and silent that the vision of a sustainable future calls for genuine entrepreneurship! This requires the courage of conviction, stamina, long-term thinking and patience; and most of all, companies that are aware of their central role and are able to develop resource-efficient and innovative business models, goods and services. As a “proof of concept”, they take the lead and show decision makers that in the long run only responsible entrepreneurship is profitable.

CE2 – the beginning of the mindshift

Our objective can be summarised as “Shaping the future of business together”. We will bring together key economic players to shape the world of the future with a great deal of pioneering spirit and diligence. We are aware of our responsibility and contribute actively to protecting our livelihoods. This is because we believe that Switzerland can and should play an exemplary role with respect to the circular economy.

The conference is limited to 350 participants (by invitation only).


Target audience SMEs in the Cleantech sector, exporters of Cleantech solutions
Organizer Circular Economy Entrepreneurs
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