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Media and Journalism in Africa: Transformations and Challenges

The media landscape across Africa is undergoing rapid and fundametal change. Social and political transformation, new local and global actors, in particular China, as well as the spread of digital and mobile communication technology are re-shaping the media sector and revolutionising the working conditions for journalists.

Media and Journalism in Africa: Transformations and Challenges

The focus of this course is on the most important characteristics, developments and continuities of the media sector across Africa. After an overview of the distinct particularities in the history of media in Africa, the course addresses the most recent developments and trends in different countries. Participants engage with the working environment and practical conditions for media production and journalism, and discuss the role of different media – print, radio and TV as well as the digital media – for African societies and politics.

Key themes:

  • History and regional specifics of the media in Africa
  • Current developments and trends in the media sector
  • Digitalization and mobile communication
  • Journalism: diversity, economic pressure, and state control
  • The fourth estate? The role of the media in African society and politics

The course is planned to take place on-site. However, should the current situation require it, the course will take place online. In that case, class times might change.


Target audience Professionals in private enterprises, public agencies and NGOs who work in Africa or engage with African partners, staff or clients
Organizer Centre for African Studies Basel
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Cost of participating CHF 450.00
  • Cinzia Dal Zotto, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Neuchâtel
  • Ericino de Salema, Country Director Mozambique, Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa EISA (online intervention)
  • Ruedi Küng, journalist, consultant, facilitator and Africa specialist at InfoAfrica
  • Reuben Kyama, freelance journalist, Media and communications consultant at One World Public Relations (online intervention)
  • Elísio Macamo, Professor for African Studies at the Department of Social Sciences, University of Basel

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