Webinar: Specialists Sought for Lima Water Project

A new tunnel for more drinking water in Lima

Lima is improving its access to groundwater and the quality of its drinking water – with a new tunnel, increases to the height of dams, a modern treatment plant, and a more optimized distribution network. Implementation requires specialists from all over the world. In our webinar, you can learn how Swiss companies can provide their expertise and put themselves forward for the project in Peru. 

Peru’s capital Lima is a desert city. Water is therefore a valuable resource and a major headache for the authorities – in various ways: Lima is battling rising water consumption and increasing pollution of natural water resources. At the same time, water is also distributed extremely unevenly across the different districts. All of this paints a bleak picture in terms of security of supply.

Construction plans for pipes, dams, and tunnels
The Lima Water Project aims to make provisions for the Peruvian capital’s dry season from April to November. A new 10 km tunnel will allow water to be brought to Lima from the other side of the Andes. Increases in the height of dams creates the necessary additional storage capacity. The additional water that reaches Lima in this way will be processed in a big new treatment plant, which will purify the water for drinking. A particularly positive element of the plan is the new distribution network, which will take drinking water to parts of the city that previously had virtually no supply. On the one hand, the inhabitants of Lima are to be given improved access to water services, and on the other hand, they are to benefit from a basic water supply that is provided on a sustainable basis. In addition, the population is to be sensitized and water losses minimized. The public tender for the contract is planned for spring 2021.

Project participants
SECO and the industry associations Swissmem, STS, FGU, and USIC are supporting the project in cooperation with the IFC. The aim is not only to give Lima’s residents better access to water services but also to enable them to benefit from a sustainable basic water supply. In addition, awareness is to be promoted among the city’s population and water wastage will thus be minimized. The search for specialists for the project’s implementation is ongoing until April 2021, with contracts to be awarded in July 2021.

Webinar: How to apply for the project
Does your company have expertise in pipeline, dam, and tunnel construction? Swiss know-how and quality are in high demand for the Lima Water Project. At our free webinar on March 25, 2021, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., we will present the project to you in detail and show you how you can contribute your specialist skills and put yourself forward for contracts.

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