Discussion Round Infrastructure Financing

Roundtable: Financing International Infrastructure Projects

Discuss international infrastructure export financing with experts from SERV and Credit Suisse

Participate in this discussion with two of Switzerland’s most relevant experts on financing international infrastructure projects. They are joined by experienced Swiss Business Hub leaders from Turkey and Chile who will share real-world examples.

This lively roundtable discussion features two of the country’s foremost experts in international infrastructure financing from SERV and Credit Suisse. Rounding off the panel are Swiss Business Hub leaders from Turkey and Chile with infrastructure experience. Meet and question the specialists directly who can help Swiss companies to finance, insure, and financially structure their participation in large-scale international infrastructure projects.

Attendees gain an overview of how Swiss companies can access international infrastructure projects through the SERV and Switzerland Global Enterprise Pathfinding approach. Swiss Business Hub leaders will also share their perspectives. Find out how the journey into the market could look, with real-world examples from three very different geographies. Learn about the challenges and how to overcome them.

Swiss tech paired with Swiss financing

The Pathfinding approach has led to international Engineering Procurement Construction (EPCs) opening offices in Switzerland. Why is this good news for Swiss companies? Discover how EPCs’ use of banks such as “the SME bank” Credit Suisse and the AAA credit-rated SERV for financing their international infrastructure projects is benefiting Swiss companies. Learn about the matchmaking events between Swiss companies and foreign EPCs, resulting in Swiss tech paired with Swiss financing to accelerate international infrastructure projects. Find out who offers what at this invaluable roundtable.



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Target audience Swiss and Liechtenstein companies
Organizer Switzerland Global Enterprise
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Cost of participating free of charge


Introduction to Infrastructure Financing

Benjamin Werenfels, Switzerland Global Enterprise

How to access international infrastructure projects with EPCs

SERV and Credit Suisse experts

Challenges and how to overcome them

Yasemin Öztürk, Head of Swiss Business Hub Turkey | Mark Untersander, Head of Swiss Business Hub Chile



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