Webinar: infrastructure opportunities in the US

Webinar: Infrastructure Opportunities in the US

Discover opportunities for Swiss companies in the US from a leading expert in infrastructure planning

The US infrastructure market explained. Gain in-depth insights into the long-term infrastructure plans for various states in the US from Ernst Basler (EBP) and learn the best entry points and opportunities for Swiss infrastructure companies in the country.

This informative webinar by Ernst Basler (EBP), one of the leading experts in infrastructure planning in the US, enables attendees to better harness the opportunites of infrastructure in one of the world’s biggest markets. How do federal and state governments plan and implement infrastructure strategies? Find out in this webinar. Participants also gain invaluable insights from the EBP US specialist on the long-term infrastructure plans the company has developed for various states, with a view to helping Swiss companies identify potential opportunities.

EBP tips on how Swiss companies can participate in US infrastructure projects

EBP has designed long-term infrastructure plans for multiple US states. Topics in focus in the webinar include a discussion of the barriers to entry in the US infrastructure market, solutions to overcoming these barriers, and the implications of President Biden’s new infrastructure legislation. The EBP expert will highlight strategies and give practical recommendations for how Swiss companies can participate in ongoing and future infrastructure projects. The webinar also provides an overview of best practices for Swiss companies, as well as partnering strategies and other useful tactics to increase performance.

The webinar is beneficial to all Swiss infrastructure companies looking to break into the US market, and is particularly suitable for the Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Rail, Waste Water, Drinking Water, Power Plants and Renewable Energy sectors.



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Target audience Swiss and Liechtenstein companies
Organizer Switzerland Global Enterprise
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Cost of participating free of charge



Annina Bosshard, Consultant USA & Canada, Switzerland Global Enterprise and Stewart Tipson, Head Export Promotion, Swiss Business Hub USA

Peter Plumeau, President and Chief Executive Officer, EBP US

The barriers to entry in the US infrastructure market | Solutions to overcoming these barriers | The implications of President Biden’s new infrastructure legislation | Best practices for Swiss companies | Partnering strategies





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