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Product categories: Vacuum drying equipment / Fruit juice processing equipment / Beer filtration equipment


Established in Switzerland in 1807, our motto is “Simply Great Machines”. At Bucher Unipektin AG, we focus on providing the best lifetime value and best-in-class for many food-processing technologies.


FRUIT JUICE PROCESSING EQUIPMENT: Includes fruit handling, washing, milling, pressing, filtration, resin-treatment and concentration, with an emphasis on quality output and optimised yields.


INNOVATIVE DRYING TECHNOLOGIES: Includes batch and high-volume continuous systems, for vacuum and freeze-drying. Our Zeodration system provides maximum quality and best aroma Retention.


BEER & BEVERAGE FILTRATION: Includes pre-coat candle filters, and cross-flow filters for beer and other beverages.


Contact: Nick Shea, nick.shea@bucheralimentech.com

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