About us

Export Promotion

We support Swiss SMEs in their international business - since 1927.

Export promotion

On behalf of the Swiss Confederation and to strengthen Switzerland as a business location, together with our partner network we support Swiss SMEs in their international business with the following services

•    ExportHelp – first port of call for administrative export issues
•    GoGlobal Cockpit – digital self-service
•    Export workshop for export starters
•    Individual and country-specific export consulting
•    Market analysis
•    Legal clarifications
•    Business partner search
•    Trade fair presence
•    Business travel
•    Support in the target market
•    Events + webinars

Impact of the export promotion
In 2021 we supported a total of 6,361 SMEs with our free and fee-based services. Several times each year an independent survey company asks our customers about the impact of our services. 88% of the companies surveyed confirmed that the service provided by us had a positive effect on their international business. For example, trading barriers were able to be overcome, individual export expertise was enhanced, or a new market was tapped into. 



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