Energy Efficiency - Global Market Opportunities for Swiss SMEs

Immense investments are being made worldwide in the restructuring of the economy and society in order to meet ambitious sustainability goals. We show you how you, as a Swiss SME, can benefit from trends and market opportunities in the field of energy efficiency.


Market Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Asia

The enormous population and economic growth pose major challenges for Asia's infrastructure. There are market opportunities for Swiss SMEs in all areas of energy efficiency, but these vary greatly from region to region. With its local experts, Switzerland Global Enterprise offers optimal support from scouting to trade fairs and representation in your target country. In addition, the power grids are not geared toward decentralized energy production and smartly distributed energy and are therefore urgently in need of development.


Market Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in America

The expansion and conversion of power grids to meet the new demands of growth and renewable energy require huge investments in this area. On the consumer side, the focus is on heating and air-conditioning systems for private households, while large-scale consumers are concerned with energy-efficient means of production, such as raw materials extraction.


Market Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Europe

European countries are tackling the challenges of a climate-neutral future with major investment and innovation programs. However, this is being done with very different strategies, and Swiss SMEs are, therefore, benefiting from the profound local market knowledge of Switzerland Global Enterprise. An important focus everywhere, however, is on the construction sector. New materials and technologies are being used in new buildings to promote energy efficiency, in the same way that existing heating, cooling and insulation infrastructure is being retrofitted.


Market Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Africa

The restructuring of South Africa's energy industry is a major economic and social project that is being intensively promoted by several government programs. A major focus is on the development of decentralized, energy-efficient structures. This
also offers market opportunities for small and medium-sized Swiss companies beyond large international projects.


Market Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Oceania

Australia's energy industry is facing several major challenges. The already heavily loaded power grid is being pushed to the brink by large fluctuations in production from large power plants and millions of local photovoltaic installations. Local energy management, smart grids and consumers are also an opportunity for Swiss suppliers of market- ready solutions in information management, communication and control.

Key Trends

Four Major Trends in Energy Efficiency

We've identified four major trends in energy efficiency which are of particular interest for Swiss SMEs.

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