Smart cities – the intelligent cities of the future

    How Swiss SMEs could help to make cities in the whole world smarter

    Urban growth is accompanied on the one hand by opportunities, but also by challenges. Smart cities counter the latter with effective solutions. The smart city market is diverse, and offers huge potential on an international scale. Our fact sheet and video tell you where in the world and in what sectors these opportunities are to be found.

    Among other things, today's cities are confronted by growing populations, traffic jams and environmental pollution. Our digitalizing world provides one possible answer to these challenges: the smart city. A series of coordinated digital solutions could meet urban needs. Highly promising sectors abound, whether this involves intelligent infrastructure, intelligent buildings, traffic solutions or smart city platforms.


    Your chance as a Swiss SME

    Quality of life and sustainability are becoming constantly more important worldwide: companies and investors in every sector know this and are becoming more environmentally conscious all the time. The market in the domain of smart cities and/or clean tech is thus in constant expansion, and offers Swiss SMEs many different business and cooperation opportunities. S-GE and our partners on the spot can provide you with good advice at all times and prepare you for a successful market launch in smart cities around the globe.

    Video Smart Cities: Trends and Market Opportunities for Swiss SMEs

    In the following video, experts and entrepreneurs show how you as a Swiss SME can help to shape smart cities and also what challenges you will face.

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