Kazakhstan is the most developed country in Central Asia, a member of the WTO, and it has investor-friendly legislation. Switzerland is the third largest foreign investor; numerous Swiss companies are already represented there and Swiss products are highly valued. Similar to Switzerland, Kazakhstan is landlocked and surrounded by key economic areas.

Market information

Market information

Are you considering entering the Kazakh market? Are you already active in the Kazakh market and need tips, advice or support with your next steps? Do you have technical or regulatory questions? Would you like to know about the state of the Kazakh economy and how Swiss-Kazakh commercial relations have been developing?

In this section we provide you with guides, checklists and background information on doing business in Kazakhstan - specifically for Swiss SMEs and start-ups.


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Industry information

Industry Information

Kazakhstan offers opportunities in many different sectors. In this section we highlight interesting potential for selected Swiss industries and explain how to exploit it.


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Events + trade fairs

Events and Trade Fairs

Especially for SMEs it is important to feel a new market to really understand its potential fit. Our business trips and events take you to the country and our events - webinars or in-person - in Switzerland allow you to exchange with experts and peers and leverage our network for your growth.

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