In the current situation Swiss companies doing business with Russia have to carefully check the legal environment in regard to the sanctions that Switzerland imposed. All legal measures that Swiss companies have to follow are specified in the relevant regulations of the SECO. 

Market information

Market information

As Switzerland has decided to incorporate the EU sanctions due to the situation in Ukraine, there are bans for exports to Russia in regard to several products and services, e.g. in the military, dual-use, space, energy, luxury, energy generating products, fossil fuels field, etc. Export permits issued before March 4, 2022 are no longer valid. Additionally, Switzerland adopted financial measures and a ban for trade with certain territories (Crimea). 

All legal measures that Swiss companies have to follow are specified in the relevant regulation of the SECO (GE, FR or IT).

In the current situation Swiss companies doing business with Russia have to check:

  • that the trade of their goods is legally possible from the Swiss, Russian and, if applicable, also from a third country point of view;
  • that the financial transactions are possible (legally and in practice);
  • that the transportation of goods can be ensured;
  • that their Russian business partners are not sanctioned;
  • reputation risks should also be considered.

As the legal environment is constantly changing, companies must analyze the situation before every shipment and especially if entering into a new contract.

Within the framework of its export promotion mandate, S-GE is helping Swiss SMEs to comply with the sanctions put in place against Russia. We are also supporting Swiss SMEs that would like or need to globally realign their business outside of Russia due to the ongoing situation. Following the start of the military invasion in February 2022, we have stopped all standard export promotion activities for or on the Russian market. This means S-GE no longer promotes any business opportunities or takes part in any trade fairs in Russia.

S-GE continuously monitors the situation and its impact on internationally active Swiss companies as well as on Switzerland as a business location and acts in accordance with the decisions of the federal government. It is the responsibility of S-GE to know the exact needs of SMEs, resulting from the changed situation, and to be able to offer them optimal support together with our partners in Switzerland as well as abroad.

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, responds to related inquiries of people and companies at or +41 58 464 08 12 (Mo - Fr 08:00 - 12:00 / 13:00 - 17:00).

Swissmem offers its members support in all related issues concerning their export (German only). In the FAQ of SERV you can find information on the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine on the SERV-insurances. 

Below we provide you with background information on the Russian market. Some of the publications have been written before February 24, 2022. Alina Soboleva-Danel, Head of the SBH Russia a.i. will be ready to check with you whether the information is still accurate. 

Industry information

Industry information

In this section we present sectorial information for selected Swiss industries. Please note that the reports were written before February 24, 2022. For more information about the actual situation, please contact Alina Soboleva-Danel, Head of the Swiss Business Hub Russia a.i..

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