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Länderspezifische Reports

Exports of Swiss food form the fifth biggest pillar of Swiss international trade. The high quality of the products is not only valued in Switzerland, but also abroad. But which markets are suited to which products? Our country-specific reports have the answer.

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Industry Report

An overview of the South Korean food market

Industry Report

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Swiss Wine Promotion

Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP) is the national promotional organisation for Swiss wines in Switzerland and abroad. It is mandated by the "Interprofession de la Vigne et du Vin Suisse" (IVVS) to manage the marketing, communication, media and image strategy for Swiss wine. Through its actions, SWP wishes to highlight the age-old traditions, know-how and diversity of the many vineyards that are part of our country's cultural heritage. 
The red and white Swiss Wine logo, the colors of Switzerland, underlines the "swissness" and recalls the 6 wine-producing regions.

Food & Nutrition Cluster

Cluster Food & Nutrition is an association active in the agrifood sector. Its mission is to strengthen the collaboration between the actors of the ecosystem and to support them in their innovation processes. More than one hundred members from the food, agriculture, packaging and distribution sectors as well as research and training institutes, the public sector and professional associations are currently part of the Cluster's network.


SVIAL ASIAT, as a professional association of university graduates in the agro-food sector, offers a comprehensive network across the entire value chain and career path. We support students of agri-food sciences in networking and entering the business world. In addition to representing the interests of our members to the public, the business community and the authorities, we act as an interface for joint projects to combine our experience and skills with those of our partners.

Halal Certification Services

Since 1987 Halal Certification Services (HCS) GmbH is world-wide recognized and respected auditing and training service provider for food, pharma, cosmetics manufacturers and other companies interested in understanding and acquiring halal certification for their products. HCS is officially recognized by JAKIM (Malaysia), MUI (Indonesia), MUIS (Singapore) and has acquired other recognitions enabling their esteemed clients to market their products as Halal world-wide.


CHOCOSUISSE is the Association of Swiss Chocolate Manufacturers.
BISCOSUISSE is the association of industrial manufacturers of long-life bakery products, bars, snacks, sweets and other popular Swiss food products.