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    No matter whether it's to do with comprehensive infrastructure laws, multi-billion dollar economic stimulus packages, or major climate protection efforts : expertise in the infrastructure sector is in demand all over the wold. Maybe yours too? We reveal the details in our factsheet and also show you what to look out for in financing in our video.

    The outlook for the global infrastructure market is positive despite the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, with great opportunities for growth foreseeable in various regions. Our factsheet provides an initial, global overview of regional priorities and assesses the opportunities for Swiss SMEs when it comes to gaining a foothold in individual markets.

    Swiss SMEs have the best chances of entering the market in the following sectors

    How to overcome financing hurdles

    Infrastructure projects often rise and fall with the financing. And markets, which are not among the high-income countries, often have considerable difficulties obtaining access to attractive, long-term financing. Our institutional partner, Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV, comes into play in such cases with its pathfinding approach. In the following video, you can learn more about financing options, current trends and how Swiss companies can become part of international infrastructure projects.

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