Global overview of stimulus programs


Depending how they are defined, countries around the world invest an average of 8% to 15% of GDP on infrastructure projects each year. Our interactive map will provide you with an initial overview.

Thanks to our global network, we have collected data from individual markets for you. The map shows the planned stimulus as a total amount and broken down by the three most relevant sectors for Swiss SMEs: transport, energy and water & waste management. We also asked our experts for their assessment of the opportunities for Swiss SMEs to take part in infrastructure projects in the relevant market.

The figures are intended to provide an initial graphic overview; the map has no claims to being complete. For detailed information, please contact our local experts.

This map has no claims to being complete and accurate. The figures are not binding and are subject to a number of different factors that may change on an ongoing basis. Amounts were translated into USD on January 23, 2021. The information in this report was compiled and researched from sources that we believe to be reliable and has been prepared in good faith. Switzerland Global Enterprise and its network partners are not responsible for data that may not be complete, correct or up to date; nor is it responsible for data from websites/sources over which Switzerland Global Enterprise or its network partners have no influence. The information in this report is not of a legal nature, unless it is expressly noted as such.

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We would be pleased to connect you with our local infrastructure experts so you can get precisely the figures you need to implement your project successfully.

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