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Cleantech / Renewable Energy

Market Railways Trends in Türkiye

Cleantech / Renewable Energy

Swiss in the City - Smart in the City

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Cleantech / Renewable Energy

Flowing traffic thanks to ground sensors - from Zurich main station to Dubai

Congested traffic, traffic jams, noise and exhaust emissions - motorized traffic poses challenges to cities and their inhabitants and demands a lot from them. But fortunately, there are solutions that can reduce and prevent the negative effects of urban traffic. Emanuell Tomes, CTO and co-founder of the LTS AG, highlights the potential of smart traffic sensors in an interview and tells how the sensors made it to Dubai.


Infrastructure: Tips for the international business of Hitachi Zosen Inova

Roni Araiji, Managing Director of Hitachi Zosen Inova Ltd., on recipes for success for internationally active Swiss cleantech companies.


Infrastructure: Tips for the international business of Gilgen Door Systems

How to deal with public clients abroad and what clarifications need to be made before entering the market: Edin Catic, Managing Director and CCO of ADP, and Robert Hug, Managing Director of ADP, in an interview.


Infrastructure: Tips for the international business of Kibag

Bernhard Schleich, Managing Director of Kibag Airfield Construction AG, on the criteria for selecting the right market and the importance of having your own employees on site.


Infrastructure: Tips for the international business of Geobrugg

Since 1951, the company Geobrugg has been manufacturing solutions that provide protection against the effects of natural forces such as rockfalls, landslides, avalanches and coastal erosion, ensuring safety in mining and tunneling, on racing tracks as well as in industry and test facilities. Gabriel von Rickenbach, General Manager Americas at Geobrugg AG, on personal contacts, fast service and invitations from partners.


Infrastructure: Tips for the international business of Wyssen Avalanche Control

Walter Steinkogler, COO of Wyssen Avalanche Control AG and CEO of Wyssen Canada & USA, highlights the challenges for infrastructure companies in the US and Canada, from project set-up to financing and tool procurement.


Infrastructure: Tips for the international business from Lombardi

Interview with Fulvio Besseghini, Area Manager Latam and Head of the Argentina Branch at the Lombardi Group on choosing the right market, dealing with public clients and the importance of consortia.


Stadler in Canada – on the right track

A lot of money is being invested into the public transport system in Canada. The Thurgau-based company Stadler was able to win a major contract in Ottawa. In the wake of this, we asked Martin Ritter, CEO Stadler US Inc., about the opportunities and challenges he sees in the Canadian market and how Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) was able to support the Swiss company in Canada.

If you want to be successful in international infrastructure projects, you need to know the key players. You need to know how to select public tenders and how to collaborate in international consortia. And you also need concrete insights into market and sector-specific conditions as well as expertise regarding planned investments, projects and stimulus packages. We offer all of this and much more. Contact us for comprehensive advice and extensive expertise.

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The Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV insures the export business of Swiss companies against payment default due to political or economic risks and can help in the event of liquidity bottlenecks. As part of the ECA Pathfinding project, SERV is making an important contribution by actively brokering large-scale projects in buyer markets, especially in the infrastructure sector, for the benefit of Swiss exporters.


Swissmem is the leading association for SMEs and large companies in Switzerland's mechanical, electrical engineering and metal industries (MEM industries) and related technology-oriented sectors. Swissmem promotes the national and international competitiveness of its more than 1,200 member companies through effective lobbying, needs-based services, targeted networking and training and further education of employees in the MEM industries in line with labor market requirements. 


Swissrail Industry Association is the association of the Swiss railway industry. It represents over 120 member companies from the various sectors of the rail transport supply industry. Swissrail supports its members in their export activities by, among other things, organizing joint stands at international trade fairs and delegation trips to interesting markets.

Another important task of the association is the protection of the interests of the industry at home and abroad.

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