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    New to e-commerce? You can get help here

    In an initial consulting session tailored to your individual requirements, our expert Philip Morger supports you in the various e-commerce matters, from strategy and planning to specific implementation. So that you can get off to a faster, more efficient and more secure start in cross-border online trade.


    You are already familiar with e-commerce and have a specific country in mind?

    Benefit from the knowledge of proven experts from Germany and abroad during the Country Consulting Days: We operate branch offices (so-called Swiss Business Hubs) in over 27 key markets at the moment for our customers, which are based in the offices of Swiss diplomatic agencies. And our local experts come to Switzerland on a regular basis. On these dates, which are offered periodically, they are at your disposal together with the country advisor from Switzerland, with their local know-how and market-specific knowledge.


    Individual consultation: 
    We offer you independent consultation of the type best suited to your needs. Our country consultants will analyze your internationalization project and weigh up your options. They will share their country-specific market knowledge and information about the target country with you. You will receive a decision-making guide tailored to your project covering the next steps, which we will be happy to assist you with.
    Our consulting team

    Export consultation days: 
    Benefit from the expertise of proven experts from Switzerland and abroad during export consultation days: We currently operate branch offices (Swiss Business Hubs), which are located at Swiss diplomatic representations, in over 27 key markets for our customers. Our local experts visit Switzerland regularly. Together with the country consultant from Switzerland, they and their local know-how and market-specific knowledge are at your disposal during these recurring dates.

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    Export Sparring Program for startup entrepreneurs: 
    For startups, we offer a two-hour in-house workshop with our experts. This offer focuses on building the skills needed for an internationalization project and includes individual training on various topics.
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