Opportunities for Swiss MEM companies

Opportunities for MEM companies

The Swiss mechanical, electrical and metal industries are innovative and efficient, which is why 80 percent of their sales are generated by exports. Major growth opportunities on the world market are not only available to groups. Even small and medium-sized companies can successfully enter new geographic markets - provided they know how... and where.

Swiss SMEs have the best chances of entering the market in the following countries:

Video: Grow Internationally as an MEM Business

In the following video, experts and representatives from Swiss SMEs explain how you can expand in international business, what challenges you will encounter and which markets are particularly interesting.

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We have compiled the most important export opportunities for various sub sectors in nine short reports:

The reports are intended to provide export managers, CEOs and business developers from the various industries with a quick overview and give ideas as to what a successful export strategy might look like.

If you are interested, our contacts in each Swiss language region are available for an initial consulting session. They will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and are in contact with our more than 200 employees in 31 countries worldwide.

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