Grow your international business successfully

An important component for the enduring and successful corporate development of Swiss SMEs is internationalization. It is a complex, risky and extremely varied process, which places great demands on managers and the organization. What makes it worthwhile?

We will provide good reasons as to why international business is worth it even for small companies, what the most important factors for success are and which manager and project leader skills are conducive to reaching the goal.

Achieving growth targets faster and strategically diversifying target markets

Because the Swiss domestic market is small, Switzerland has historically been focused on exports. To start off with, international business enables growth targets to be achieved more quickly while production costs can be reduced and target markets strategically diversified through greater purchase volumes. And finally, Swiss SMEs are also extremely innovative so their products often provide them with good prospects abroad. But which factors lead to international business success? Find out more about this in our fact sheet.

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