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Information and communications technology (ICT)

Information and communications technology (ICT) is a key technology for the Swiss economy.

In a worldwide comparison, Switzerland occupies third place when it comes to investments in software as a percentage of gross domestic product. According to a statistic by Ecolab from 2014, 36% of all ICT workers work in a variety of industries not specialized in information or communications technology, demonstrating just how much ICT workers are integrated into the whole economy. 25% of ICT professionals are employed by IT service providers and 7% are working as FinTech experts for financial companies. Telecommunications companies, consultancy firms and public administrations provide jobs for 5% and 4% of ICT workers respectively. This is also the reason why international companies such as Google and IBM operate local research and development centers in Switzerland. The strong penetration in the economy of well-qualified professionals gives Switzerland an excellent starting position for further growth and innovation and, of course, also for exporting software and its associated services. 

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