Investing in the Basel Area

Basel Area: The Swiss business and innovation hub of the future

The Basel Area is an economic powerhouse. Access to highly qualified talent and a strong industrial backbone have turned the region into the Swiss business and innovation hub of the future. The Basel Area exemplifies the advantages of Switzerland as a business location for global and national operations: employees and companies benefit from an excellent educational system, competitive tax rates, a business friendly environment and a superb quality of life.

Basel Area: The Swiss business and innovation hub of the future
Basel Area Business & Innovation
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With its triborder location next to France and Germany, an international airport with daily flights within Europe as well as a close intercontinental airport, the Basel Area offers unparalleled accessibility and closeness to reach all European hubs and Swiss business regions. This makes the Basel Area a perfect base to reach the European market and its more than 500 million customers. The region offers a highly skilled, well-trained international workforce. 

In the Basel Area you will find over 700 life sciences companies and 200 research institutions, over 32,000 specialists covering the entire value-chain. Two global pharma leaders, Novartis and Roche, run their global operations as well as key R&D centers from here. Other companies like Lonza, Abbott, Actelion, Bayer and Syngenta and many small and medium-sized companies as well as a large number of successful startups and spin-offs make the region the undisputed life sciences leader of Europe. The promising healthtech sector is growing fast. More and more newly established companies and startups are focusing on healthcare technologies. 

Companies from the fields of medtech, ICT, precision mechanics, logistics, consumer goods as well as from the chemical industries, will also benefit from the unique location features. Through its longstanding history of watchmaking, the region is the perfect place for companies specializing in micro-technologies. 

Basel Area Business & Innovation is the investment and innovation promotion agency dedicated to helping companies, institutions and startups find business success in the Basel Area (Cantons Basel-Land, Basel-Stadt and Jura). The agency helps people and firms to find the right locations to grow their businesses and offers free assistance in all aspects of establishing a business presence by providing comprehensive consulting services and connections to relevant local players, as well as finding suitable real estate. Quick access to the Basel Area ecosystem through events and in-house experts is also included.



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