Investing in the Canton of Neuchatel

THREE CENTURIES OF INNOVATION IN THE SERVICE OF MANKIND – Neuchâtel, a canton with an international focus, an exporter of wealth.

Canton of Neuchatel
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  • Inside Neuchâtel: Many products sold throughout the world contain components designed and manufactured in Neuchâtel, a canton specializing in small, complex, reliable precision components with high added value.
  • Open Neuchâtel: Neuchâtel is an industrial, pioneering canton, an exporter with an international outlook.
  • Friendly Neuchâtel: The canton of Neuchâtel has an excellent quality of life, providing ideal living and working conditions.

Neuchâtel is a pioneering industrial and exporting canton, a producer of wealth and innovation, open to the world and to new ideas.

Neuchâtel’s responsive and agile industrial fabric
Over its three centuries of industrial history, the Neuchâtel economy and the companies based there have been able to adapt quickly and develop reliable, complex miniaturized products with high added value. With these credentials, and supported by strategic services that meet its needs, the region’s industrial fabric is in a strong position to fight increased global competition and overcome the economic challenges of the 21st century. 

Microcity, an innovation hub supporting innovative collaborative projects
In 2019, three new programs were designed specifically to support start-ups, SMEs and large companies with their innovation needs. The Microcity innovation hub symbolizes a nerve center dedicated to the transfer of technology and know-how between the research, education and economic communities in order to strengthen the competitiveness of companies. With this aim in mind, technical infrastructure and hosting capacity are made available to R&D units of private companies.
In addition to the canton’s historical know-how in the fields of micro and nano technologies, micromanufacturing and industrialization processes, the hub’s mission is also to promote new cross-functional skills, particularly those related to collaboration and digitization.

Quality of life and openness near major urban centers
In 2018, the Canton of Neuchâtel rose to first place in the index of intercultural integration public policies. In particular, it obtained the highest score for welcoming new immigrants, mediation and conflict resolution.

Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds are two cities that complement each other perfectly, nestled between the largest lake based entirely in Switzerland and the mountains beyond. The banks of the lake are freely accessible and are perfect for sporting activities or warm summer evenings with a magnificent view of the Alps. In addition, the canton is crisscrossed by more than 1,200 km of marked hiking trails.

The cost of living is lower than in large Swiss cities, and the housing vacancy rate (1.53% in 2017) is higher than the shortage rate (1.50%). 
There is a rich cultural life all year round, with its various museums (The Watchmaking Museum, Laténium archeology museum, Natural History Museum, the Centre Dürrenmatt, etc.), numerous concert halls (Case à chocs, Bikini Test, L'Heure bleue, Théâtre du Passage, etc.) and festivals recognized Europe-wide (La Plage des Six Pompes, NIFFF, Festineuch, Auvernier Jazz festival, etc.). 

Canton Neuchâtel is a member of the Greater Geneva Berne Area


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