Investing in the Canton of Schaffhausen

Business Location Schaffhausen – The diversified location with strong industry, numerous international headquarters and a unique quality of life.

Canton of Schaffhausen
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The economy of Schaffhausen is characterised by an exciting mix of international business service providers and innovative businesses with highly-developed tech capabilities. The Canton’s government has in the last 20 years consistently pursued a targeted strategy which has attracted around 600 businesses to set up operations in Schaffhausen. These now form part of the local business landscape alongside highly innovative businesses specialising in advanced manufacturing and R&D.

The reasons for Schaffhausen remain compelling: unique conditions for business growth. Attractive corporate tax rates, state-of-the-art business premises at affordable prices and competitive salary levels leaves more to invest in the development of your business.  

A key benefit is Schaffhausen’s strategic, central location – you can get to Zurich international airport in just 30 minutes. In just 15 minutes you’re in Southern Germany, widening the pool of skilled and talented staff to draw on. 

Businesses in Schaffhausen enjoy easy access to local government officials and network partners. As a result, you waste no time finding the right contact and deci-sions are made quickly. 

With an international school and growing expat community, everybody will soon feel at home. Schaffhausen offers exceptional quality of life and affordable costs of living: Schaffhausen – the perfect place for your business and your family.

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Schaffhausen is a member of the Greater Zurich Area.



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