Investing in the Canton of Zurich

The Canton of Zurich - The economic motor of Switzerland

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Canton of Zurich

The Canton of Zurich is the hub of choice for numerous multinational companies and accounts for more than a fifth of Switzerland's GDP.   

As one of the world's best places for quality of life and with top universities including ETH Zurich, R&D centers like Google and IBM Research can draw on a reservoir of skilled local and international professionals. Home to vibrant cities steeped in culture and an awardwinning international airport, Zurich also offers a balanced mix of innovation-driven industry clusters. The largest cluster is finance followed by ICT, life sciences and cleantech. Zurich's thriving life sciences cluster features a high share of innovative medical firms and university spin-off activities.  

The Business and Economic Development Division of the Canton of Zurich is your point of contact for business guidance, including location evaluationssetting up a business and local cluster integration.  

Zurich is a member of the Greater Zurich Area.



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